IT’S 2014!!!

I hope you guys had a good New Years!!!! From those who arent from central PA in Harrisburg we have a strawberry drop(named for our strawberry square). I didn’t even get to go to the bars to get some drinks because my friend was being a fun snatcher! She would be mad if she seen this *laugh*. My outfit was cheap this year,besides the shoes. I had ordered a really sexy jumpsuit but it couldn’t fit but I did decide to keep it for when I lose weight(which probably will not be for another 100yrs). Not having too much money in my pocket I went to forever21 and bought one of their basic dresses. You can always
dress up a basic which I dresses up with a statement necklace, fun bunny ears (from f21), and my 6 inch glitter Steve Madden pumps. Here are the flicks!!!








The coat I wore was very warm and my mom has had it for years!!!! Oh and I got a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s recently!!! Guess what they are covered in????? DUH UNICORNS!!! OMG RAINBOW SUNSHINE MAGIC!!! HAHA !

Here is an outfit I would wear with them so for the bad pics my personal photographer was off for the day.

Hope everything goes well for everyone in 2014!


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