Things I love

An early Christmas gift that i received from a bestie was a book. Not just any old book but Kate Spade Things That We Love! She knows me well to buy me something that is Kate Spade.

The book is amazing with color and fun things on every page! I really enjoy it and alot of the things they love I also love. So today on my blog I would like to share what I love with you guys.
1. Peacocks
In my old neighborhood we had peacocks…no lie. Especially a particular one which is a male and he lived there for years. He would stay in this ladies tree and peck at her door for her to feed him cake. When he would spreaf his feathers it was a beautiful sight.

A peacock hair clip a classmate gave me, I dropped it and some of the jewels came out : (.


X-Mas decorations my mom put on the tree.
I love makeup especially lipstick. My lips are one of favorite features and I like to doll them up.

My mini lipstick collection

Lipstick picture by Katie Rodgers of paper Fashion

Blue lipstick I want to buy by lime crime cosmetics
3. Anything Sparkly or Glittery
Whether its jewels, glitter, sequins or whatever shines I love it.



Evening dress and sequin skirts from express

My BCBG and Steve Madden glitter heels
This was also in the Kate Spade book. I have always loved bows, they go with and go on everything!!!

My multiple bow hair accessories!

Bow flats and belt
5.Hello Kitty
Everyone that knows me knows that I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!! I have been a fan for years and everything I have is that cute cat with no mouth

One of the shelves in my room.

A warm blanky.
6.Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots
I use to think these shoes were ugly…silly me now I’m obessesed!!!! I am getting another pair for Christmas.

A picture of my lace litas

The pair I’m receiving in the mail from my own personal santa ; ).

The next pair I want.
7.Masquerade Masks
I always wanted to make one and go to a masquerade party. There is one coming up but I’m not sure if I am able to go. Hopefully one day I will go to one and wear a mask.

This a pic out of the Kate Spade book.

A mask from

There are many things I love but of course I can’t think of them all!!!! It is an endless list, I bet there is many things you love.


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