Its My Birthday!!!

It’s my birthday!!! Well yesterday It was. I went to New York this weekend and I had sooo much fun. Me and my crew went to the met museum, we went to eat at Bubba Gumps(I have a funny video I’m going to try to upload it), shopping(I’m going to show you guys what I bought, and we did some other things. There was places I wanted to go or go see but we didn’t have enough time, midterms were Monday I had to study and get prepared. Here are my pics from my trip and my birthday.




<a 20131009-190056.jpg20131009-190044.jpg
Oh when I went shopping in the big apple, I got some good pieces. I like to call it my great fashion finds, here they are and excuse the pics.
The first picture is of American Apparel items: high-waist easy jean, over the knee socks and a big hair bow.
The next two pictures the clothes are from H&M: beaded tunic shirt(it has beading on the sleeves too) and a military style jacket. The last thing is a faux leather skirt from Express, and I actually got it yesterday. I wanted to wear my skirt, the over the knee socks, and the bow today with a button-up but the socks would not stay up so I have to come up with a solution for that. I love the color of the jeans and socks, I think that is my color for this season I am obsessed with it! It really is a beautiful color and there’s a lot of other colors to wear with it. The military jacket I wore Monday, I meant to post the outfit but I forgot. I wore that with black leggings, my studded loafers, a chain necklace and a plain tee. Today I wore my velvet leggings. I wish I would of took the picture of the outfit I wore Sunday. I wore the velvet leggings with a sheer polka dot half shirt. I will eventually wear them again.


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