I Love my dresses

I am a female who loves her dresses. As a child I use to fight with my mom almost everyday because I wanted to wear a dress. I like them not just because they are easy to wear and you can just throw them on, but it brings the girly girl out in me. This dress is one of my favorite for fall. It has a lovely pattern and nice material, which is like a silk. I’ve been waiting to wear it and since it is short sleeved and the material isn’t warm, I was looking for the right sweater or whatever to put over it.
Express dress, belt, and shoes
New York and Company sweater
Wal Mart stockings
I threw on my belt over top to make the outfit look more finished and I was ready to go!


Its My Birthday!!!

It’s my birthday!!! Well yesterday It was. I went to New York this weekend and I had sooo much fun. Me and my crew went to the met museum, we went to eat at Bubba Gumps(I have a funny video I’m going to try to upload it), shopping(I’m going to show you guys what I bought, and we did some other things. There was places I wanted to go or go see but we didn’t have enough time, midterms were Monday I had to study and get prepared. Here are my pics from my trip and my birthday.




<a 20131009-190056.jpg20131009-190044.jpg
Oh when I went shopping in the big apple, I got some good pieces. I like to call it my great fashion finds, here they are and excuse the pics.
The first picture is of American Apparel items: high-waist easy jean, over the knee socks and a big hair bow.
The next two pictures the clothes are from H&M: beaded tunic shirt(it has beading on the sleeves too) and a military style jacket. The last thing is a faux leather skirt from Express, and I actually got it yesterday. I wanted to wear my skirt, the over the knee socks, and the bow today with a button-up but the socks would not stay up so I have to come up with a solution for that. I love the color of the jeans and socks, I think that is my color for this season I am obsessed with it! It really is a beautiful color and there’s a lot of other colors to wear with it. The military jacket I wore Monday, I meant to post the outfit but I forgot. I wore that with black leggings, my studded loafers, a chain necklace and a plain tee. Today I wore my velvet leggings. I wish I would of took the picture of the outfit I wore Sunday. I wore the velvet leggings with a sheer polka dot half shirt. I will eventually wear them again.