Houndstooth on Houndstooth

So I tried something new today, something I had never done before and always wanted to try. I put the same print together but, the scale of the print was different. What do you know I liked it!010
Houndstooth Sheath Dress-H&M
Houndstooth Blazer-Banana Republic
Houndstooth Heels-shoes I have had for years
Purse- Dooney and Bourke
Beret-I have had for years
I have seen people do it whether it was in a magazine or another blogger and I like the look it gives. It kind of messes with your eyes and it is sort of…catchy! I don’t know how to explain it but it is definitely different.
Here is how the prints look together up close:
If I was going somewhere fancy I would of wore this cute fascinator I got from Icing. Icing is amazing, it is affiliated with Claire’s so you know it has good stuff. Also the stuff isn’t kiddish like some of Claire’s items, it is for an older crowd.


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