One of the seasons trends: Plaid

I love menswear prints!!! From plaid to houndstooth and everything in between, just something about the prints that add “umph”. So I’ve been shopping and picked up this mixed print scarf. It really brings the outfit out

This outfit to me is like Parisian chic, especially with the beret on my head.

Shirt Dress, mixed print scarf and bow pointy flats-express
Pattern tights-wal mart
Purse-dooney and bourke


I’m looking forward into wearing other trenda this season like embellished shirts or lace or military look.


5 thoughts on “One of the seasons trends: Plaid

    • Aaaawww thank you! Unfortunately I will not be selling that scarf since it is one of my favs. You can probably find something similar to it online though!

      • OMGOSH!!!! Thank you for replying I didn’t think you would, but thank you!
        I’ve looked everywhere for something similar and I figured I would reach out to you. I hope won’t offend you by offering maybe 50 or 60 bucks for the scarf. If it’s your fav and it’s a solid “NO!!!! ” I get it and understand. Please forgive me if it does offend you….I just really, really love the scarf.

        Thank you for your blog and all of your fashion tips and styles. Really fun to watch and learn

      • Yes I always reply : ) and your welcome! No I am not offended whatsoever sometimes people do give away their things and change their wardrobe. And no thank you! For coming onto my blog and reading it and being inspired, readers that come and check my blog out and enjoy itmakes me happy. I appreciate when you guys come and look at my page and read my posts that means a lot to me. If i ever spot a scarf similar somewhere I will make sure I come back on this post and comment.

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