Denim on Denim

So today I asked myself; “what am I going to wear today?” I looked into my closet tried on multiple outfits and I finally found what was going to be the outfit today…all denim. I had got the idea from a magazine
Don’t you love how they put the chambray together? Rihanna’s outfit is my favorite it just stands out to me and I like how she put a denim shirt with a denim skirt. So I tried it today and loved it. Usually I wear the dress with a white belt so I’m glad the dress was styled differently.
Polka dot chambray shirt-Old Navy
chambray dress-Express
Stripe wedges-Jessica Simpson
Bow ring-Guess
Now I was a little iffy on the shoes…maybe a solid pair? I don’t know but overall it didn’t look too bad.
The biggest thing I regret about wearing this was the long sleeves. IT WAS VERY HUMID THIS MORNING and I was sweating on my way to French class. Then it was a little breezy so I had to make sure my dress didn’t fly up and show my goodies underneath. HAHA that reminds me when me and my friend were out somewhere and I had a ruffle skirt on and just so happened to be windy(how wonderful) and she said; “Bryll I see a little bit of cheek!” I couldn’t help but to laugh.
Well now what am I going to wear tomorrow? Hopefully nothing that’s too hot or shows my goods.


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