My style



(In Miami)

Whew! It has been awhile since I have been on here! I’ve been so busy over the summer that I have not tended to my blog. Which upsets me a little but I am getting back into the groove of things! Today I was in my fashiony mood(a word I made up) and I thought how my style has evolved over the years. I’ve been a fashionista my whole life but as I get older, my style changed and I’m more open to different types of styles. Like I like all different styles but for me it was mainly the dressy type of thing. Now when I go in my closet there is preppy, bohemian, what I call “glamour girl” style(fitted mini dresses), and etc. This fall I want to add some vintage into my wardrobe, that was always a style I wanted to wear it just happened that it never entered my closet. Besides fashion styles I match clothes up in a way I never thought I could!!! Mixed prints and colors, looking through fashion magazines over the years really helped that. I had a fun time dressing this summer I wished I would of took a picture of them all but it was sometimes difficult to get someone to take a pic of me.

HAHA!!! And yes I went blonde this summer!

At Philly outlets

Also in Miami
I cannot wait until I start posting fall outfits. Did a lil bit of shopping recently and picked up some good pieces.


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