Ready for Fall

Guys I am so tired of the hot weather…it makes me so miserable. At school I’m just walking around like a zombie in the hot sun. And I’m not tired of summer just because of the weather, I want to wear my fall clothes too. I’ve been so eager that I wore a fall outfit today I just threw on some sandals and a springy necklace to make it look like a summer outfit.
Shirt-New York and Co
Necklace-New York and Co
Bag-Dooney and Bourke
You know what I like about this outfit? That I wore a color that really doesn’t stick out in the outfit but it looked right anyway.
How many are excited for fall as I am?


That Big Ol’ Bow

So yesterday I was puting on my puter( that is when I am on my laptop on the internet) because I wanted to wear a turban see how to tie a scarf on your head to make one. I came across this really good video on youtube that showed how to do it but I didn’t have a scarf big enough to do it. So the girl on the video then shows how she ties her scarves into a bow and wear them on her head. When she did it I was like “wwwwoooowww why didn’t I think of this sooner?” Bows are somewhat of a big thing to me, like an obsession. I have a lot things with bows on them and I have bows that go in my hair.  Anyways I decided to wear one of my scarves as a hair bow today! Got a lot of looks today at school and compliments.
Belt-New York and Company
Shoes-Betsey Johnson

Denim on Denim

So today I asked myself; “what am I going to wear today?” I looked into my closet tried on multiple outfits and I finally found what was going to be the outfit today…all denim. I had got the idea from a magazine
Don’t you love how they put the chambray together? Rihanna’s outfit is my favorite it just stands out to me and I like how she put a denim shirt with a denim skirt. So I tried it today and loved it. Usually I wear the dress with a white belt so I’m glad the dress was styled differently.
Polka dot chambray shirt-Old Navy
chambray dress-Express
Stripe wedges-Jessica Simpson
Bow ring-Guess
Now I was a little iffy on the shoes…maybe a solid pair? I don’t know but overall it didn’t look too bad.
The biggest thing I regret about wearing this was the long sleeves. IT WAS VERY HUMID THIS MORNING and I was sweating on my way to French class. Then it was a little breezy so I had to make sure my dress didn’t fly up and show my goodies underneath. HAHA that reminds me when me and my friend were out somewhere and I had a ruffle skirt on and just so happened to be windy(how wonderful) and she said; “Bryll I see a little bit of cheek!” I couldn’t help but to laugh.
Well now what am I going to wear tomorrow? Hopefully nothing that’s too hot or shows my goods.

Fall Wishlist

Fall, I love everything about it from the weather, the color of the leaves, the smells, food, my birthday (which is October 8 yay for libras!) and especially the fashion! I have seen many things I want for the fall so I HAVE A BIG WISHLIST. But I narrowed it down to a few things and here they are:

embroidery jacket from H&M

houndstooth button up from express

Seychelles poodle loafers

asos bow detail tights

levis tribal denim jacket

banana republic houndstooth blazer

American apparel leather skirt

Jeffrey Campbell velvet lita boot

It would take forever for me to post everything I want but I know one thing I’m killin it this fall.

My style



(In Miami)

Whew! It has been awhile since I have been on here! I’ve been so busy over the summer that I have not tended to my blog. Which upsets me a little but I am getting back into the groove of things! Today I was in my fashiony mood(a word I made up) and I thought how my style has evolved over the years. I’ve been a fashionista my whole life but as I get older, my style changed and I’m more open to different types of styles. Like I like all different styles but for me it was mainly the dressy type of thing. Now when I go in my closet there is preppy, bohemian, what I call “glamour girl” style(fitted mini dresses), and etc. This fall I want to add some vintage into my wardrobe, that was always a style I wanted to wear it just happened that it never entered my closet. Besides fashion styles I match clothes up in a way I never thought I could!!! Mixed prints and colors, looking through fashion magazines over the years really helped that. I had a fun time dressing this summer I wished I would of took a picture of them all but it was sometimes difficult to get someone to take a pic of me.

HAHA!!! And yes I went blonde this summer!

At Philly outlets

Also in Miami
I cannot wait until I start posting fall outfits. Did a lil bit of shopping recently and picked up some good pieces.