Mixing Prints

It was finally it’s warm after a week or two of coldness! The weather needs to be either hot or cold because I do not have time for flip-floppy weather. Well today I decided to be cute and put on my tiered ruffle skirt. I love ruffle skirts and pleated. They are very girly and feminine, and thats what I am. I also liked that I put together two different prints! I love doing differnt prints in one outfit. A tip on how to do it is make sure both prints aren’t too bold. Either have both subtle or one bold and one subtle because too prints that are over the top can be to “loud”. But I put on my orange, blue and cream striped Jessica Simpson wedges on with the outfit(i love those shoes and so does everyone else : ) ) Oh and I wore my scarf from coach! One of the sales associates from there taught me different ways on tying the scarf but I forgot so I have to think of new ways on how to do it.



hat-new york and company




shoes-jessica simpson

bag-dooney and bourke

And I’m going to be wearing a hat for awhile until my hair is fixed.


2 thoughts on “Mixing Prints

  1. I love this blog! Sometimes it’s hard for me to picture outfits in my head and you pull it off but I would love to see more! Can’t wait for the next post

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