A different print

Finally I had a day to myself today!!!!!! I’m really mad that I haven’t been on my blog due to being too busy with life. So anyway I had went shopping with my boo (my boyfriend : ) ) during the weekend and I got a dress and some shorts!!!


(Sorry guys for a crappy picture I need to go get a new camera)
I’ve been waiting for these shorts for so long!!! I am happy Express brought them out again this year for sale, the sales associates say they are going fast so lucky me. : D This dress was going fast at target also, I was there a few weeks ago when they came out and when I went this weekend only a few were left. What really made me drawn to this dress was 1. The aztec print 2. The colors 3. The bustier top

But I REALLY liked the aztec print. Most of my closet is florals and I love floral print but I need something different in my wardrobe. So this made me happy to get. Oh and I’m glad for the crochet shorts because I don’t have anything of that material and I’m starting to like the crochet look.


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