Mixing Prints

It was finally it’s warm after a week or two of coldness! The weather needs to be either hot or cold because I do not have time for flip-floppy weather. Well today I decided to be cute and put on my tiered ruffle skirt. I love ruffle skirts and pleated. They are very girly and feminine, and thats what I am. I also liked that I put together two different prints! I love doing differnt prints in one outfit. A tip on how to do it is make sure both prints aren’t too bold. Either have both subtle or one bold and one subtle because too prints that are over the top can be to “loud”. But I put on my orange, blue and cream striped Jessica Simpson wedges on with the outfit(i love those shoes and so does everyone else : ) ) Oh and I wore my scarf from coach! One of the sales associates from there taught me different ways on tying the scarf but I forgot so I have to think of new ways on how to do it.



hat-new york and company




shoes-jessica simpson

bag-dooney and bourke

And I’m going to be wearing a hat for awhile until my hair is fixed.


Color Block and Polka Dots

Guys I am so tired of this short hair doo, it just always looks a mess! I had to put a headband on it just to make it look pretty. Ooooo I miss my long hair in remembrance I’m putting a picture up of it….

Anyway on to my outfit…This is one my favorite outfits and everytime I wear it I get compliments. The color combo is off the chain(LOL had to put that) but I love coloblocking because I’m colorful.

Oh and the trench coat! IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!! That yellow is bright and makes me happy! My sister also has this jacket and we wear it together from time to time to be twins.



Eventually I’m going to buy morr colored pants so I can wear more outfits like this.
Whole outfit is new york and company and my headband is forever21 and wristlet is coach

One of my new fav things; hi-lo skirt

One of  my new fav things; hi-lo skirt

Im not going to lie, when I first seen hi-lo skirts I thought “what the @$%&?!” They started to grow on me when I seen a girl with a leopard one on. They way she put the outfit together was cute! Hi-lo skirts just cannot be paired with anything. So my post today is on what I would wear with this hi-lo skirt I want from express.


corset top from Topshop


earrings from Express


V-neck tee from Madewell

4.jessica simpson

sandals from Jessica Simpson


denim jacket from Guess


patent bow belt from Forever21


Wouldn’t these items look cute with the skirt? I think most items are under $100. Do you like what I would wear with it? What would you pair with it?

Dressey on a Dull Day

It is sooooo dull outside and the sky doesn’t know whether to be cloudy or sunny. Sometimes days like this I don’t want to do anything or dress up but I did today. I looked into my closet to see what to put together and this is what I got. I honestly am not a fan of this sweater but I put it to good use today.

I came all the way to where my sister lives just so she could take pics of me! Oh and you guys might see my little cousin roaming around in the pictures.


I’m mad that I wasn’t able to wear my Betsey Johnson dolphin earrings with this outfit because I lost one of the earrings. : (
Chambray shirt-old navy
Sweater-new york and company
Earrings-new york and company


Sunny Day

IT WAS SO GORGEOUS OUT TODAY!!!!! I took a walk before I went to school and I had to put on my new dress on(I post it in my blog yesterday). I felt so fun with all the colors I had on today.

My feet hurt though in these shoes but it was worth wearing with my outfit.



Hat-New York and Company
Jean Jacket-old from wetseal >_<
Earringa-Charolette Russe
Necklace-given by friend
Ring-forever 21

A different print

Finally I had a day to myself today!!!!!! I’m really mad that I haven’t been on my blog due to being too busy with life. So anyway I had went shopping with my boo (my boyfriend : ) ) during the weekend and I got a dress and some shorts!!!


(Sorry guys for a crappy picture I need to go get a new camera)
I’ve been waiting for these shorts for so long!!! I am happy Express brought them out again this year for sale, the sales associates say they are going fast so lucky me. : D This dress was going fast at target also, I was there a few weeks ago when they came out and when I went this weekend only a few were left. What really made me drawn to this dress was 1. The aztec print 2. The colors 3. The bustier top

But I REALLY liked the aztec print. Most of my closet is florals and I love floral print but I need something different in my wardrobe. So this made me happy to get. Oh and I’m glad for the crochet shorts because I don’t have anything of that material and I’m starting to like the crochet look.