I think Spring is here!!!!!

It is so nice today!!! I’m actually walking around outside with no jacket(which I shouldn’t be doing). I think I’m just happy that spring is almost here, I am really tired of winter. Even though winter fashion is the best, but fall and spring are my favorite seasons. Well anyway I wanted to look cute today because I having been dressing and I wore one of my favorite shirts today! I couldn’t help but to wear my fur vest and hat again. Oh and for those that wonder why I wear leggings all the time (if anyone thinks that) I am in the process of losing weight so I can’t fit my jeans, some of my skirts, dresses, and my winter shorts. Which really sucks because I could be really looking nice,but if I keep working towards my goal maybe I will be able to fit in my stuff before the weather breaks.



Hat-Old Navy
Shirt-New York and Co
Leggings-H and M
Necklace-from a friend
Purse-Dooney and bourke
I hope you guys are excited about spring as much as I am!!
Ring-given by friend