Why I love Kate Spade

Why do I love Kate Spade?….Duh because it’s Kate Spade! Just kidding but, today I went to BAM!(books-a-million) with one of my friends to look for a fashion book. And look what I stumbled across.

I said out loud “Oh my gosh Kate Spade!!!” I just had to look at the book and looking at it made me realize how much I love the brand. Here are the reasons why:
1. Kate Spade is very Sophisticated

Her clothes are so dainty, like you need to wear little white gloves when you wear them. They are really good if you want to be lady like. Wear an outfit to a party, at work, to lunch with the girls or anywhere! Either way you will look very proper.
2. I Love the Handbags



Not only do I love the leather bags but also the the quirky book clutches and totes! I own a purple ostrich embossed bag and I love it. Her bags are cute and i like the different ideas she has for them.
3. Kate Spade is Colorful

I looovvveee color. I never been into colors like black, gray etc. If you look into my closet you would see a rainbow of a wardrobe(well i do have some black clothing but most of it looks like a bag of skittles). I guess because I have a colorful personality and colors make me happy, so when I seen how bright and vivid the line was it made me feel excited. I felt as though the clothes were for me!
4. I think Kate Spade is for all ages


Kate Spade I think is age appropiate for people in their 20s to even a women in her 60s(depending what it is). The length of the skirts and dresses are good for the young and old, they are not too long to look like an old lady but an old lady can wear them without looking too young.
5. Kate Spade has a 50s 60s look


I am into vintage and retro looking clothing so this brand is right up my alley. It has the silhouette of that time period but with a modern twist.

These are the reasons why I love Kate Spade!!!! : )


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