Preppy Chic

100_2924First day of my spring semester at my commumnity college! I am taking  a drawing I and a history class, which  is  going to fit in with my fashion design major (cant wait to go off to college!!!).  So I dedcided to look cute for school and look the part. But I can’t always dress nice my drawing teacher stressed that, which is common sense. I might thow something decent on though every so often tehe.

Instead of looking to conservative I spiced my preppy look up. Threw on my leopard flats, red belt, and floral scarf. I liked how my scarf, belt and the polo symbol on my sweater matched. : ) And of course leopard goes with everything so it worked out well. There are different ways to personalize your preppy look. How will you prep up your look?

Sweater-Polo Ralph Lauren

Shirt- New York and Company


Flats-Nine West



Ring-Guess(if you can see it)

Earrings-New York and Co.



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