Prabal Gurung for Target…SAY WHAT????!!!!!!

I am really starting to like target because, they always step their game up and have high-end designers make clothes for them! I found some cute clothes in the store recently that I wanted to buy. I don’t really buy clothes from there but I do not front on target. For them to be cheap the clothes are cute, in the summer i bought mint green jeans(came to find out they are too big). I was able to get a few wears out of them before they really stretched out but i wish i could wear them again.


(I want the second to last dress!!!)
Prabal Gurung’s line is so colorful and its affordable!!!! Most things are under $50 so that made me happy. I really want those dresses and the shirt with the skirt. The line doesn’t come out until Feb. 10 so I will make sure I am at target that day! I will even wait at the door! Haha maybe not wait at the door but best believe I will be there.

These shoes are cute!!!!! I hope they are worth buying because I do not believe in buying cheap shoes.


Not really into neon colors but this dress is poppin!!!!


Love the outfit I can see myself in it.

Remember fashionistas Febuary 10th Prabal Gurung for target will be out go to your nearest target to buy.


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