Why I love Kate Spade

Why do I love Kate Spade?….Duh because it’s Kate Spade! Just kidding but, today I went to BAM!(books-a-million) with one of my friends to look for a fashion book. And look what I stumbled across.

I said out loud “Oh my gosh Kate Spade!!!” I just had to look at the book and looking at it made me realize how much I love the brand. Here are the reasons why:
1. Kate Spade is very Sophisticated

Her clothes are so dainty, like you need to wear little white gloves when you wear them. They are really good if you want to be lady like. Wear an outfit to a party, at work, to lunch with the girls or anywhere! Either way you will look very proper.
2. I Love the Handbags



Not only do I love the leather bags but also the the quirky book clutches and totes! I own a purple ostrich embossed bag and I love it. Her bags are cute and i like the different ideas she has for them.
3. Kate Spade is Colorful

I looovvveee color. I never been into colors like black, gray etc. If you look into my closet you would see a rainbow of a wardrobe(well i do have some black clothing but most of it looks like a bag of skittles). I guess because I have a colorful personality and colors make me happy, so when I seen how bright and vivid the line was it made me feel excited. I felt as though the clothes were for me!
4. I think Kate Spade is for all ages


Kate Spade I think is age appropiate for people in their 20s to even a women in her 60s(depending what it is). The length of the skirts and dresses are good for the young and old, they are not too long to look like an old lady but an old lady can wear them without looking too young.
5. Kate Spade has a 50s 60s look


I am into vintage and retro looking clothing so this brand is right up my alley. It has the silhouette of that time period but with a modern twist.

These are the reasons why I love Kate Spade!!!! : )


Prabal Gurung for Target…SAY WHAT????!!!!!!

I am really starting to like target because, they always step their game up and have high-end designers make clothes for them! I found some cute clothes in the store recently that I wanted to buy. I don’t really buy clothes from there but I do not front on target. For them to be cheap the clothes are cute, in the summer i bought mint green jeans(came to find out they are too big). I was able to get a few wears out of them before they really stretched out but i wish i could wear them again.


(I want the second to last dress!!!)
Prabal Gurung’s line is so colorful and its affordable!!!! Most things are under $50 so that made me happy. I really want those dresses and the shirt with the skirt. The line doesn’t come out until Feb. 10 so I will make sure I am at target that day! I will even wait at the door! Haha maybe not wait at the door but best believe I will be there.

These shoes are cute!!!!! I hope they are worth buying because I do not believe in buying cheap shoes.


Not really into neon colors but this dress is poppin!!!!


Love the outfit I can see myself in it.

Remember fashionistas Febuary 10th Prabal Gurung for target will be out go to your nearest target to buy.

Preppy Chic

100_2924First day of my spring semester at my commumnity college! I am taking  a drawing I and a history class, which  is  going to fit in with my fashion design major (cant wait to go off to college!!!).  So I dedcided to look cute for school and look the part. But I can’t always dress nice my drawing teacher stressed that, which is common sense. I might thow something decent on though every so often tehe.

Instead of looking to conservative I spiced my preppy look up. Threw on my leopard flats, red belt, and floral scarf. I liked how my scarf, belt and the polo symbol on my sweater matched. : ) And of course leopard goes with everything so it worked out well. There are different ways to personalize your preppy look. How will you prep up your look?

Sweater-Polo Ralph Lauren

Shirt- New York and Company


Flats-Nine West



Ring-Guess(if you can see it)

Earrings-New York and Co.


Let it Shine


Don’t I look cute in my sequins? I love this skirt and I got it for $20 at Express, which is cheap for that store. Anyway I think sequins adds umph to an outfit. People don’t realize that you can wear sequins all day long, like I can transfer that skirt into a night look. I probably would put a dressier( hope I spelled that right) shirt and blazer on and maybe keep the shoes or put on another pair. Maybe a fly away cardian with it and a belt? How do you like to wear your sequin skirts?

Blazer-twenty twenty
Shirt-New York and Company


Inspired by “Losing You”


I Love Solange’s Losing You video!!! They fashion is crazy with all of the mixing prints and multiple colors. I wanted to try something that is similiar and this was the result! What do you think about this outfit?



Sweater-New York & Company
Flats-New York & Company
Purse-Dooney and Bourke
Necklace-necklace given by a friend

Hello Fashionistas!!!!

I’m really excited about starting my new blog! And let me tell you it took me forever to figure out how to make it, thank God I had help from a fellow blogger and youtube or I would have still been stuck. With this blog, I want to share my fashion style and some other things that deal with fashion to those who follow me. I hope you will enjoy my future posts that will be put up!!!!