Trying to be on my Kate Moss…Slip dress trend Revival

I always loved lingerie inspired clothes, and slip dress are no exception. I ALWAYS wanted a slip dress they are sexy and everything else in between. For the longest ZARA was selling them before they came out on trend again, but I never bought one until now. Maybe because I never got to shop at ZARA…..anyway I have two dresses. One is white lace (my favorite) the other is black ribbed material. It is also see thru so you can go from day to night in that dress, well both of my dresses you can. Today I wore my black dress with my lace top underneath, different from the typical t-shirt and slip dress outfit. This is the same dress I wore to the Beyonce concert.

Top and dress Express, shoes Old Navy, necklace New York and Company, purse Dooney and Bourke.

You can wear slip dresses with anything! Boots, jackets, kimonos, heels, leggings, fur coats, whatever you feel comfortable with wear it!


Work Week Wardrobe 

Guess who is being an adult and working two jobs? 

I feel real special, I am trying to work as much as I can before I go off to school. Speaking of school I visited Parsons about a week ago. They had open house and I finally seen the dorms, which I found out my dorm is 15 from campus. If I don’t lose weight when I go off then Jesus probably can’t even help me.  Ok back to my two jobs, so my full time I work in an office. Now I can wear some of my clothes I haven’t been wearing and show off my fashion. Yeah I don’t have a life like that where I go somewhere all the time, so I love having a job where I can dress up. Here are all well almost my outfits I wore this week.


New York and Company blouse and pants 

Ross sandals

Icing necklace 

Express dress

New York and company cover up

Blonde shoes

Dooley and Bourke purse

Mom’s necklace

Glasses from Amazon

Old navy top

New York and company pants and cardigan

Nine West shoes

D&B purse

Glasses Amazon

Grandma’s necklace 

Jc Penney top

New York and company pants

Seychelles flats

J.Crew outlet necklace

Coach purse

A variety right? I felt like someone different everyday and I like that about fashion. Remember fashion is never suppose to be dull, have fun with it. 

Oh and guys I went to a Beyonce concert on Sunday… ever get to get a ticket PLEASE DO her performances are amazing. 

Outfi  I wore to concert.

Express dress other accessories listed above

Multi-Print skirt

I am registered for classes! The excitement is real, I couldn’t be happier. I had to take 17 credits which is 9 classes I am getting ready to have no life at school(haha!). I know I signed up fashion drawing, color theory, pattern making, draping, sewing, fashion history, and I forgot what else…… Anyway now I am going to start getting dorm stuff. I am also still trying to find ways to pay for the school (yikes!), which is $66,000 a year. I think it is worth it since it is the top fashion school in the U.S. And third in the world. Definitely proud to say I got into a school like that! Well my boyfriend took me shopping yesterday  to congratulate me, we were going to go out to eat but I don’t really need food. I got a beautiful white dress from Express I am going to wear to my going away party and cruise. 

Shirt Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply , top by target, skirt H&M, shoes Jessica Simpson, Coach purse, glasses eBay I think

Isn’t this skirt neat? I lik pieces that are different it is on sale at H&M for $15. Steal right?!  I didn’t know what to wear with it at first but I just kept it a little simple.

It’s Mother’s Day!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to those great moms that put up with ur brats 24/7!!!! I know my mom put up with my ish for 24 years, she still loves me though. My mom and I didn’t do too much today but we did go to church and spend time and that is what matters most. Without my mom I would be nothing, she has pushed me in every way possible so I could be successful. It worked too with me getting into Parsons. I cried so hard in church today I am still trying to figure out how I deserved that…


Shirt oldnavy, dress papaya, leggings New York & co, shoes Nine West, Kate spade purse, Liz Claiborne brooch, forever21 earrings 

So I was trying to figure out what to wear today for church. Knowing my limited options I picked out things that I could fit and were suitable for church. I had this dress hanging up in my toom because it has a mystery stain on it that I wanted to remove. Too much cleavage shows when I wear it  so I seen my striped shirt and was like “ah!”(the light bulb in my head went on). Okay put this outfi together went outside it was windy as heck….nobody is trying to see my goods (or are they?). Not having time to change I slipped leggings on and here I am.

Me nd mommy! 

I Got Accepted!!!

Everyone I am proud to announce that I will be attending Parsons the New School in NYC. I just found out today that I got accepted and it is a true blessing. Parsons is noted as the top fashion school in the U.S. and one of the top in the world!!! Pretty impressive huh?! Their notable alumni include Tom Ford, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu and more. I applied for the AAS program which is an associate degree. It is Intended for “mature” students who are looking for a degree change and has previous college credits. I swear this is the happiest moment of my 24 years on earth, all of the stress I went through for this, all of the other schools I really wanted to go to. To find out that I actually ended up at the top school in the country and one of the top in the world is quite an accomplishment. My friends and family are soooo proud of me!!!! Shoot I’m proud of myself!!!!!! I wanted to show you guys one of the things that got me into that school, my creative assignment. It was do a collage of the type of person you would like to design for (or dress I forget) and I did a romantic theme.

  Do you think I did a good job???! I can’t wait until you guys can follow my journey through Parsons with me!!! 

Beauty Review: NYX Cosmetics

Hey everyone!!! I took a little break from my blog but now I am back! Today I am going to go over three products I bought recently and what I think of them. They are all NYX cosmetics (I have been doing the whole cheaper makeup thing until I can buy some other stuff but NYX is a good brand) which they are a liquid to matte lipstick, color corrector and a mascara.

So first off I want to go over the Lip Lingerie which is a liquid to matte lipstick. Loving the different nudes and colors they came out with this line. Currently I have lace detail which is a pretty light nude. It does what it is suppose to do and the color really shows up. Of course with matte lipstick it gets really drying but it works. Highly recommend! It has been a “dupe” for the Kylie Jenner lip kit


Okay next I got the NYX under eye-corrector. Compared to my Bobbi Brown that I usually use I am not too fond of this corrector. It kind of looks I guess you can say chalky once you put it on. My Bobbi Brown can on very smooth and settled right and the color matched my skin (makeup artist friend recommended to use by itself since it match my skin exactly it was the dark peach shade). The NYX looks like a peachy color but comes out a lot lighter once I apply it on, I have to use my powder foundation to make it look more of my skin tone. 

Don’t really care for it so I give it a thumbs down.

Next is the NYX colored mascara! I always wanted to try colored mascara and NYX has a pastel colored line which I bought a pink. There was also had a mint green (could of been blue I forget), a lavender and a cream sickle orange. Next time I think I will buy the lavender and the mint green, Ulta I will be seeing you in a few weeks :).  I do love how the color shows VERY WELL! This was also a winner for me, cons for it though it is hard to remove. 

I did not add to much on because for the same reason that I just mentioned. Here is when I wore it a few weeks ago:

Wish I would of put some eyeliner on that day I kind of looked scary!!! I do love that mascara without a doubt. 

Hope these reviews helped anyone that might be looking for some new makeup!!!!




They say the libra sign is ruled by Venus, so you know we love romantic things. I am a true libra woman, I love anything pretty. We see the beauty in everything and for me that goes for clothes as well. I loved the romantic type clothes that are out and what I have seen on the runway recently(I tried to keep up with Fashion week). Ruffles, lace, soft colors, chiffon, flowers, pleats, and anything that is feminine always catches my eye. Did you see Beyonce’s Formation video? That Alessandra Rich lace ruffle dress and the multi colored Gucci dress she wore was to die for!!! Such beautiful dresses!!!  

Photos courtesy of Google images 

Anyway one of the besties loves to refer to my Express top to “beyonce” because of that video. 
This is top so you can see the detail

Isn’t it pretty?! I regret wearing what I wore with it today…too pretty for leggings and those boots. I could of wore my Betsey Johnson booties because they were a little more formal but, I also did not want to be too dressed up. 

H&M fur Express lace top NY&Co leggings and necklace Jeffrey Campbell boots Coach leopard purse random bracelets

Maybe a pleated or feather skirt? I should of did a skirt but I need different colored stockings. I was so lazy to get some so that was my problem. 

I wanted to make a lace dress for the summer, go get some lace fabric from Mood in NY. I have been sewing and I get a little better each time.